I would love to come and talk with the ladies you hang out with and minister to. I have been involved in Women’s Ministry and small groups for over 20 years. It is such a joy to talk with people about the love of Jesus and the words He inspired in the Bible. He truly is someone we can discover more deeply throughout the entire Bible. Prayer is so multifaceted, and the privilege of interceding on someone’s behalf is such an honor and joy. It would be an honor to be included in one of your meetings or retreats.

I have two messages that are already prepared. One message is on becoming a friend of Jesus. We will look at scripture that shows us that Jesus sees each of us, waits for us, and is ready to reveal the words of the Father to us and call us friend.

The other is on purpose in the waiting. So often you read in the Bible of how God called someone to a purpose, and then they waited for decades for the fulfillment of that purpose. Yet, in the waiting, that person was moving forward in life and often moving with God. This is my story and the story for so many of us. How do we find purpose in the waiting when our society is so used to instantaneous responses? God never wastes time and He always has a goal in the waiting. In this message, we discover how to do this wait with God and for God. This message was originally planned for a Christmas Tea and one of the analogies is the shrub that produces the tea leaves. This is often an ornamental plant used for borders as well as drying the leaves for tea. While we grow in the Lord, we serve a purpose for the kingdom. It is not just the final results that matter but every season of growth along the way.

Please contact me at contact@reneerichter.com for more information inviting me to join your next event. The cost is negotiable and dependent on where you are located and how many sessions you’d like me to teach. If you live near me, I could do a weeknight meeting; otherwise I’d only be available on the weekends. I’m currently working full time as a nurse, Monday – Friday.

Comments from those who have attended her session on friendship with Jesus:

• This is what I was looking for
• She was sincere and had a good message
• Thank you for your passion for your relationship with Jesus
• This is a rarely discussed topic that is much needed in the church, a forgotten truth that should be a staple of faith – Christ first.
• Thank you for praying in our session
• Exactly what I needed to hear
• Very funny, heartwarming, informative and insightful
• She brought the Bible stories to real life. I enjoyed this class very much

From the foreword of Let’s Chat

You know how there are some people that talk about God, and it’s clear they know a lot about Him? Then there are others who when they talk about God, it’s clear that they actually know Him, not just about Him. The truth is that the only reason there is a difference is that some people settle to only know about God even though His invitation is to know Him. I grew up in the church since I can remember and I’ve been actively committed to living my life to follow Jesus since junior high, I’ve even spent the last 20+ years in ministry as a pastor. Yet, when Renee talks about her relationship with Jesus, there is something inside even me that leaps and longs to taste the intimacy and connection that she clearly has with Him.

Craig McGlassion – Kensington Church
Director of Church Planting
Teaching Pastor