Book Overview

When we become Christians, we all learn to pray. We learn that when we pray, we are addressing the Almighty God who sits enthroned in glory and power; accordingly, we must approach Him with respect and honor.

But what if there is more to prayer than that? What if God can also be a dear friend who wants to hear about the highs and lows of our regular lives? What if the God who breathed out the galaxies just wants to chat with you?

Let’s Chat introduces the Jesus who wants to be a part of your everyday life in a personal, intimate way. Speaker and discipleship leader Renee Richter presents a 30-day journey toward learning a new sort of prayer, one in which you can experience friendship with Jesus. She draws from her own personal testimony and from the stories of biblical heroes to show how prayer can be radically, more than you ever imagined it. These thirty days could change your prayers—and your life.